There are many ways to help transform lives across the world through United Bible Center.


Help put the life-transforming Word of God in the hands of men, women and children all over the world, By donating You’ll help provide vital translations to reach those who don’t yet have access to the Bible in a language they can understand.
Help people to meet Christ through Scripture.


When you spend time in prayer, worship and the Word, God will reveal dreams and visions far greater than you ever imagined. Prayer is the way we all communicate  with our loving God. It’s an opportunity to not only share our hearts with him, but more importantly to learn about what matters to God’s heart — making  his name known among the nations.

Prayer gives us the chance to join God on his global mission of bringing all people to himself.  Pray with us that we and our partners would see churches with Scripture transforming every language community on Earth.

Your Prayers Help People Get the Bible, Be a part of impacting lives through Bible translation.

Bible Partner

To provide as many Bibles as we can, United Bible Center partners with generous copyright holders such as Bible publishers, Bible translators, and Bible societies. Discover the many ways that you can participate in the missions of our Bible partners.
Take a part in our ministry to providing prayer and financial partnership.


United Bible Center make a difference every day. You support the ministry of God’s Word with prayer, fundraising, and increasing awareness of the transforming promise of God’s Word in lives throughout the world.
Serve God and Others as a Volunteer!
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United Bible Center is a ministry that works with a wide network of Bible translators and distributors, United Bible Center is a non-profit Religious Organization.

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